Bioaqua Vitamin E Emulsion


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Bioaqua Vitamin E Emulsion

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Bioaoua Vitamin E Collage Face Emulsion Lotion Moisturizing Anti Wrinkle Brighten Firming Lifting Repair Face Cream Skin Care 100g

Vitamin E.emulsion.moisturizing.Moisturize and lock water.Lastingly nourish, fresh and not greasy.Brighten the skin and moisturize Improve dryness and water shortage.




Water. Glycerol. Tocopherol (vitamin E). Cetearyl alcohol. Cetyl stearyl glucoside, glycerol octanoate.

Product efficacy

Texture is fresh and not greasy, gently moisturize skin, help improve skin dryness and water shortage.

Open skin water channel, can improve skin surface water and moisturizing factor deeply permeate and make moisture into skin, let skin farewell dryness water keeps running.

How to use

1. Before use this product clean skin with skin cleanser.

2. Apply some product to facial skin.

3. Massage slightly using hands until it is absorbed by skin.

TIPS: Avoid the product contact eyes, if eye contacts, rinse with water store in a cool place and where children cant touch.

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Bioaqua Vitamin E Emulsion

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